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Home| NEWS | A new WINDSPOT small wind turbine installed in Denmark....

A new WINDSPOT small wind turbine installed in Denmark.

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 A new WINDSPOT small wind turbine installed in Denmark.

The blades of our small wind turbine will supply energy for a farm dedicated to growing up apples.





Lately we are getting idyllic pictures of our small wind turbines in rural areas, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, animals and crops. We love these images and the feeling they transmit, and we do love that more and more families that live in rural places and care about the environment choose one of our small wind turbines.

small wind turbine - Windspot in DenmarkThese images correspond to a WINDSPOT small wind turbine which has just been installed in Denmark in the village of Blenstrup in a home surrounded by a field of apples. As you can see the photos are very recent, you can see the beautiful apple trees with new sooths and flowers of spring, which in summer will become delicious apples.

This is a WINDSPOT small wind turbine energy of 3.5 kW connected to the mains. It is installed on a 22 meters high tower, to take advantage of prevailing winds in the area, and a hydraulic system that makes maintenance easier. It has already provided its high productivity, the first day it produced 42 kWh, which has greatly pleased his new owner.

As you know WINDSPOT small wind turbines are certified in Denmark, certification obtained through the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy .

small wind turbine - Windspot in DenmarkDenmark is a country where there is great interest and awareness of renewable energy. There, our distributor, LS Stoker, through its representative, Lars Sorensen, is doing a great job publicizing the benefits of our small wind turbine.

There are already several Windspots installed in this country, which is a real power of wind energy, and where the terrain, characterized by plains, makes it the ideal place to install a WINDSPOT small wind turbine.