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Small wind turbines. Industrial Tool & Repair “Going Green”

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 Small wind turbines. Industrial Tool & Repair “Going Green”

Industrial Tool & Repair, located in Bellevue, IL, decided to go a little greener by installing a windmill supplied by Windtech of Illinois.  Besides the environmental benefits of doing so, they also will enjoy the reduced utility bills, not to mention it’s affordability because of the tax incentives and deprecation allowance from the federal government.



Wind turbines have come along way since first commercially arriving on the scene more than thirty years ago.  After researching the last couple of years, Industrial Tool & Repair decided on the Windspot turbine offered by Windtech of Illinois because of its generation capabilities.  The turbine blades pivot on its own axis in heavy winds to prevent over speeding, but allow the turbine to spin and produce energy in high wind speeds. These blades are the only of its kind on the market.  Lastly, there are minimal moving parts within the turbine which means less wear one the machine and maintenance needed.

small wind turbine Windspot in IllinoisThe pivot pitch mechanism in the blades was the deciding factor for the machine shop.  When other windmills have the rotor stopped or turned out of the high winds, the Windspot stays directly into the wind, maximizing its output.  Another deciding factor was that a crane was not needed in the installationof the Windspot.  The assembly of the unit is done at ground level, and then raised with a screw jack attached to the slip fit tower.  This allows for the Windspot to be installed and serviced in inaccessible areas where cranes are needed for construction.
One thing is for certain. Industrial Tool & Repair plans on reaping the benefits for a very long time, and “we’re not just blowing wind.”   
Inquiries about the Windspot windmill can be directed to windtechofillinois@gmail.comor (309) 397-4168.