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Home| NEWS | We´ll take part in The Power and Electricity Expo 2011 in Ghana....

We´ll take part in The Power and Electricity Expo 2011 in Ghana.

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 We´ll take part in The Power and Electricity Expo 2011 in Ghana.

This is our second exhibition in Africa, where small wind turbines have enormous possibilities.


Windspot small wind turbine in Kenia
Windspot small wind turbines will be exhibited in The Power and Electricity Expo 2011 coming November 23th- 24th in Accra, Ghana.

We will travel to the African country to show the enormous potential our machines have on this continent.

Small wind turbines offer numerous solutions in many countries of this continent, where there are many non-electrified villages and areas.

Among the uses WINDSPOT offers there are some as vital as water pumping, the possibility of communication for many villages, or the chance to install refrigeration equipments in medical posts to keep drugs and medicines in good condition.

Other possible uses are the power supply for communication towers or water treatment plants.
Africa has vast flat expanses, where winds can be harnessed to its full potential, and with many non-electrified areas where the installation of small wind turbines is a wise choice.
WINDSPOT small wind turbines already have several distributors in Africa, including Madagascar, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. This is the second exhibition in which we take part on the African continent, but we are planning new events for 2012. Certainly this is going to be a very interesting and fruitful fair.