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The energy is on the roof.

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 The energy is on the roof.

We show you a new installation of a WINDSPOT small wind turbine on a terrace roof.


Windspot on the roofOur flat roof can become the best place to produce energy. Normally the highest parts of the buildings are exposed to high winds and are the ideal place to install a small wind turbine. Here we show  you an example of a newly installed WINDSPOT on the roof of a company in Taiwan. As you can see from the photos, to get the small wind turbine to the top of the building they have used a crane.

In this case  a hybrid installation has been installed. A photovoltaic panel has been included to take advantage of good exposure to the sun in that place. In addition the system is connected to the network.
In the photos you can also see how the anchorage has been made, all the installation process and how the small wind turbine and the solar panels look in the end.

Windspot small wind turbine on the roofWe believe that this kind of installation will become increasingly common in urban and industrial areas, where the wind and the sun those flat roofs receive are highly  profitable sources of energy.

Windspot small wind turbine on the roof

                    Windspot small wind turbine on the roof         

Windspot small wind turbine on the roof