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 Windspot ecología y medio ambiente

Buying a WINDSPOT small wind turbine is not only an investment in a product of quality, effeciency and reliability, but saves a lot of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere.

This quantity represents the CO2 that has been saved by not producing energy from fossil fuels and is obtained by multiplying the energy generated annually by the average CO2 emitted by conventional sources.

The approximate quantity of CO2 emitted by each of the different energy sources is the following:


1 kwh produced with:
Emits (kg de
Emits (kg de CO2):
Coal 0.75 kg (approximate value and dependent on the type of coal)
Fuel oil or diesel oil 0.60 kg
"Natural" gas, conventional centre 0.37 kg
"Natural" gas, combined cycle centre 0.26 kg
Nuclear little, but not negligible (uranium mining, transport, etc)
Hydraulic despreciable
Wind despreciable


If there is an extra demand, this extra cannot be generated with either nuclear, wind or hydraulic. Only coal and fuel oil can increase the production at power stations, for which if we save 1Kwh, we will save the equivalent in coal or fuel oil.

For example, with a medium wind of 7 m/s, the different WINDSPOT small wind turbines models would avoid an annual emission of:


WINDSPOT 1.5 3160 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 3.5 7400 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 7.5 15800 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 15 31600 kg de CO2