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Where to put your Windspot?

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The correct placement of a WINDSPOT small wind turbine is as important as the wind available. There are some important considerations that should be taken into account:

The ground: Normally, the highest point has the best winds, although areas around a river, valleys, large hills or mountains and large wooded areas can affect the available wind resource.

Obstructions: Obstructions are considered to be any obstacle that interferes with the direction of the wind, affecting its direction and speed. The most common are houses and trees. Generally it is recommended to install the tower 10 meters higher than the tallest obstacle around and at a distance more than twice the height of the obstacle. For example, if you have a house 5 meters tall and a tree 7 meters tall near where you want to install your WINDSPOT 3,5 small wind turbine, it would be necessary to put it at a height of 17 meters (7 m from the tallest obstacle + 10 m) and 10 meters from the house (5 x 2) and 14 meters from the tree (7 x 2).


Where to put your windspot?

Predominant winds: It is important to know from where the strongest and most frequent winds originate in the area where you want to install your WINDSPOT 3.5. To the extent possible, that direction should be free from obstructions. To know this information, it is usual to resort to studies carried out with an anemometer that measure the direction and speed of the wind in a specific time period. This forms what are called "wind roses".