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Windspot wind generators are subject to the most exhaustive quality tests, Sonkyo Energy engineers control every technical detail in each one of our wind turbines.






Sonkyo Energy is certified to ISO 9001:2008 for the "Design and Manufacture of Small Wind Turbines", awarded by LRQA, an international certification body and subsidiary of Lloyds Registers.

The distinction was awarded in October 2010 and constitutes international recognition of its development of small wind turbines, such as Windspot, the Sonkyo Energy turbine that uses a variable pitch system to adapt to wind speed.


Iso 9001To obtain ISO certification, the company has had to undergo an audit of its quality system, which was conducted in two phases.
During the first, the design of the management system was studied to confirm that it conformed to ISO 9001:2008 and the scope of certification, and to verify the management elements.

The second phase, conducted last October, checked the implementation of the management system for the design and manufacture of small wind turbines and confirmed its compliance with the certification requirements. At the end of this phase, LRQA recommended issuance of the certificate.

On its own initiative, Sonkyo Energy works with government agencies to have our small wind turbines undergo independent testing in order to certify the actual power curve of the turbines and their reliability.

We know that, despite its small size, Windspot is a great wind turbine, which is why we are working to obtain independent certification to show, using real hands-on data, that Windspot is the ultimate winner because it actually does what others only promise to do.

The tests carried out by INTERTEK prove that our wind generators fulfil with the required specifications according to AWEA 9.1 certification for the installation of wind generators in the United States and the MCS regulations for the installation of wind generators in United Kingdom.


INTERTEK certifies that Windspot wind generator fulfils all the specifications and requirements for the installation of small wind generators in USA and UNITED KINGDOM.


The tests carried out by CLASS NK assure conformity of WINDSPOT 3.5 system to JSWTA0001 standards. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (also known as ClassNK) certify small wind turbine systems attesting to their satisfying requirements. This certification is based on the JSWTA0001 standard. The scope of certification also includes the inverter, which often must meet special requirements by Japanese power companies in the case of grid-on type wind turbine systems.