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Our 3.5 Kw small wind turbine shows fantastic data on the testing field of the Folkecenter in Denmark.

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In 4 months our WINDSPOT has produced more than 2,000 kwh.


WINDSPOT, the best ally of communication towers.

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We have shown the best alternative to provide communication towers with electricity at the fair INTELEC in Amsterdam.

Small Wind Turbines. We have everything ready to attend the fair INTELEC in Amsterdam.

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We´ll show all the possibilities WINDSPOT offers to power telecommunication towers.

From 9 to 13 October will be held in Amsterdam the INTELEC exhibition dedicated to power supply in communication towers.

Of course our small wind turbines cannot miss this event, because we are a fundamental tool and the solution to supply many of these towers.

WINDSPOT small wind turbines are ideal to provide power to these facilities. Usually located in remote places, isolated and exposed to high winds, communication towers can take advantage of our advanced technology to get energy cheaply and efficiently.

WINDSPOT small wind turbines offer various alternatives for this use. They can work both, on-grid and off-grid, and can be combined with solar panels, batteries or generators.

In this video you will find more information of all our possibilities and advantages in providing energy to telecommunication towers.