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We´ll take part in The Power and Electricity Expo 2011 in Ghana.

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This is our second exhibition in Africa, where small wind turbines have enormous possibilities.


We already have 4 Windspot small wind turbines producing energy in Finland.

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Windspot small wind turbine in Finland

They are installed in places as diverse as the University, a cogeneration power plant or a funfair.
Finland is a country with a huge potential for wind energy production. It has windy areas, especially along the coast, where conditions are ideal for small wind turbines.

 4 Windspot small wind turbines are already producing energy in this Nordic country.
And they have been installed in varied and different places.

One of the small wind turbines have been installed at the University of Tampere. There, a 3.5-kW WINDSPOT allows students to learn at first hand the wind and to experiment with it. This is a project that aims to introduce renewable energy and environmental care as part of everyday life of the students.

To this end the University of Tampere has, in addition to small wind turbines, solar energy and geothermal systems.

Electrical plant in Finlad. One of our small wind tubines has been installed in that place.

Also an electrical cogeneration plant has decided to install one of our small wind turbines. It is a plant which produces electricity and heat for part of the city of Tampere.



Another of our WINDSPOT is located in Särkänniemi funfair, also near Tampere. This entertainment park has decided to improve its energy efficiency. And they have chosen to install a Windspot small wind turbine that now is supplying the funfair with energy. They have also placed lights at the base to illuminate it at night, and an information panel for people to learn more about wind energy.
Windspot small wind turbine in Finland
Thus our WINDSPOT is not only used for the production of clean renewable energy, but also for education and enlightenment of all the people who go to visit this park.
Our distributor in the country is:

Oy Kodin energy vihreä
Korppaanmäentie 36
Puh. 050 3749 633
Tel             +358 50 3749 633     
E-MAIL: info@kodinenergia.fi


Next stop for our small wind turbines: Taiwan

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 Getting ready for the next fair, TIGIS in Taiwan, dedicated to renewable energy, sustainable consumption and organic products.