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So you can´t decide between a solar panel or a small wind turbine? Surely this study is going to clear all your doubts.

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The data speak for themselves. Our 3.5 kW small wind turbine has produced three times what a solar panel of 5 kW has generated.


WINDSPOT wins the award for the most environmentally friendly showcase at the fair TIGIS in Taiwan

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This is the second award of this kind we get. The first was in Macao, China.

This Friday and Saturday we open our doors in Denmark for you to come to know our WINDSPOT small wind turbine.

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Do you want to watch our small wind turbine closely? Do you want to know first hand and resolve any doubts you have about this source of energy? On Friday and Saturday we open our doors for everyone in Denmarck to approach and know the WINDSPOT turbine.

Win durbine Windspot in DenmarkIn our headquarters in Denmark we are delighted with this new small wind turbine. We installed it in October and has so far produced more than 725 kW. We are very pleased with its productivity, and also its strength. Because the WINDSPOT turbine has endured without any complications the storm we have experienced recently, with winds up to 40 m / s.

We´re looking forward to showing our new wind turbine to everyone, to show its robustness and efficiency. We also want to explain to you its patented variable pitch, a great mechanism that provides higher productivity and reliability. 


You can visit on Friday from 13:00 to 16:00 and Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00.






Hanne and Svend åge lund,

jørgensgårdsvej 34, 6240 Løgumkloster.

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