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What is Windspot?


Windspot is a small wind turbine from the SPANISH renewable energy company Sonkyo Energy. The most important feature of Windspot is that it is an efficient, durable, reliable, high-performance turbine that comes in three models with powers of 1.5kW, 3.5kW and 7.5kW to adapt to every user need.

Our small wind turbines have many applications for households or light industry, ranging from self-sufficiency, grid connection, water pumping, telecommunications aerials, etc.

Built with quality materials and under strict production control, Windspot small wind turbines are  characterized by the patented variable pitch system, which can limit rotor speed in a smooth, proportional way to ensure a constant rotation speed in high winds (over the rated speed of the electrical generator). Therefore, the wind turbine also constantly delivers the electrical power for which it was designed.

The Windspot variable pitch system, unlike other wind turbines, is robust, effective and requires minimal maintenance. It is also silent, due to the painstaking aerodynamic design of its blades and the fact that it operates at low rpm.


Windspot aerogenerador de pequeña eólica



Windspot components

Reliability, durability, maintenance and guarantee


WINDSPOT small wind turbines have been designed according to the most exacting standards of quality.  For this, the IEC 61400-2 standard has been taken as a reference point and we have been working on certification with some of the most important organizations in Spain and Europe such as CIEMAT in Spain and SEPEN in France.

The predicted useful life of each small wind turbine, following the preventive maintenance recommended, is 25 years, making it an economic and safe investment.
For this, high quality materials have been chosen which are resistant to corrosion and the passing of time.
Windspot diseño y calidad
WINDSPOT small wind turbines are designed to function at their best with a minimum maintenance consisting of a review every 18 months and they are guaranteed against every material defect. The period of guarantee is 2 years extended from the moment of purchase.





Our small wind turbines are quiet.

The Danish company Grontmij has issued a certification that confirms it.

The noise measurements carried out by Grontmij arround our small wind turbines gave the following results:

At a distance of 60 metres and a constant wind of 8 m/s, a noise of 37.1 dB (A) was registered (according to BWEA standards).

That is the same level of noise we find, for example, in a library.

The following table gives a reference of the intensities of the noise generated by some typical sources.


Table of decibels (db)
 Silence  0
 Footprint  10
 Movement of tree leaves  20
 Conversation in a low voice  30
 Library  40
 Quiet office  50
 Conversation  60
 Traffic in a city  80
 Vacuum cleaner  90
 Motorcycle with exhaust pipe 100
 Rock concert 120
 Pneumatic drill 130
 Jet plane taking off 150
 Bomb explosion 180




 Windspot ecología y medio ambiente

Buying a WINDSPOT small wind turbine is not only an investment in a product of quality, effeciency and reliability, but saves a lot of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere.

This quantity represents the CO2 that has been saved by not producing energy from fossil fuels and is obtained by multiplying the energy generated annually by the average CO2 emitted by conventional sources.

The approximate quantity of CO2 emitted by each of the different energy sources is the following:


1 kwh produced with:
Emits (kg de
Emits (kg de CO2):
Coal 0.75 kg (approximate value and dependent on the type of coal)
Fuel oil or diesel oil 0.60 kg
"Natural" gas, conventional centre 0.37 kg
"Natural" gas, combined cycle centre 0.26 kg
Nuclear little, but not negligible (uranium mining, transport, etc)
Hydraulic despreciable
Wind despreciable


If there is an extra demand, this extra cannot be generated with either nuclear, wind or hydraulic. Only coal and fuel oil can increase the production at power stations, for which if we save 1Kwh, we will save the equivalent in coal or fuel oil.

For example, with a medium wind of 7 m/s, the different WINDSPOT small wind turbines models would avoid an annual emission of:


WINDSPOT 1.5 3160 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 3.5 7400 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 7.5 15800 kg de CO2
WINDSPOT 15 31600 kg de CO2